Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Book Review: Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly

Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly

Magic. Mythology. Fantasy. Mermaids. Sisterhood. Princesses. and mysteries. If you like any of these glittery things then you'll love Deep Blue! Deep Blue is about Serafina, a mermaid princess who is destined for more than she ever imagined. Sera has been having strange dreams that haunt her thoughts, she tries her best to push them out of her mind to no avail. Sera is to be betrothed to a prince that she no longer knows and she has this huge ceremony that she has to preform at and it all has to be perfect but things go terribly wrong. Serafina decides to pursue the meaning of her strange dreams leading her on a dangerous journey. Sera discovers that she isn't the only one having these strange dreams, she and her friend Neela, have to flee the city in search of safety and the meaning behind their dreams. Together with five other mermaids Sera and her friends must defeat an old and horrific monster they thought was only a story in order to save the whole ocean from destruction!

I read about this book in a magazine that I cant remember the name of. The fact that it is set under water and is about mermaids completely drew me in because who doesn't love The Little Mermaid?! And the cover of this book is total book porn! It is so beautiful! At first I had an incredibly hard time getting into the story because of so many words that aren't english and lingo of the merpeople. (Thank God for the glossary in the back of the book lol!) Once I got the hang of the lingo I really began to get into the story and root for Serafina and Neela on their journey. Of course along the way Sera meets a dashing merman named Blu, a total babe of a merman who has a mysterious side! This book is the first in a series called the WaterFire Saga the next book, Rogue Wave will be released on January 6th 2015!

Recommended age:
(This book would be fine for younger preteens I think.)

On to the ratings!

0 = None 10 = Tons

This book has some emotional moments but not any real tear jerking moments. I'm giving

There is some violence but it isn't in too much detail that I remember. I've read a lot worse.

Sexual content:
There isn't much sexual content in this book at all. None worth mentioning.

Crude language: 
Very mild. There are some made up slang words but nothing serious at all.

Other elements:
There is a lot of magic in the book but the magical elements are crucial to the story. I know some people don't like that sort of thing but remember this is fiction for teens and children and the spells in the book don't work in real life so it's nothing to worry about. 

Over all:
Over all I enjoyed this book and if you or your child likes fantasy (especially girls) then this is a must read! Deep Blue would be fun to read with your mother or daughter or sister or bff!

- Sarah

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