Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hey there!

My name is Sarah Jones. I am a follower of Christ, 20 something-year-old who loves to read young adult novels. I'm a sucker for Dystopian books that make me feel like a heroine after reading them.

I'm an artist and aspiring author and am currently working on a few books of my own! Super stoked!
Enough about me though...

Books are SO FREAKING AWESOME and that's why I decided to start this book blog. In my reviews I will list the violence, sexual content level, crude language and more. I feel like there aren't enough book review sights that list and rate these types of things. Coming from a family where my mother looked up and reviewed EVERYTHING I watched and read as a kid and teen I want to help parents and people in general get an idea of what they'll be getting into before they dive in and hit too much negativity or awkwardness that will make them uncomfortable and have their kids asking them what groping or pot is. Lol!

All of my life I have been brutally honest in everything that I say and do and I plan on being no different with my reviews!

Thanksfor stopping by!

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