Monday, February 23, 2015

Book Review: The Beacon by Ashley Dotson

The Beacon by Ashley Dotson

I came across this book through Instagram, (as I do a lot of books.), when I followed the author, Ashley Dotson. She was super nice and so I just had to look up her work! I am sooo glad that I did because the book and series quickly became a favorite! (If you look at my Instagram accounts you'll know this!)

Layla Justus is in her senior year of high school when she and her father move to Providence RI. Layla doesn’t exactly want to be there but she tries to make the best of it after seeing that she has the best room in their new/old house and making her first friend there. She had to leave her home, friends and everything she knew back in Louisiana which was hard for her but something about Providence has grabbed her attention. Including the neighborhood “bad boy”, Orrin Darringer. Layla becomes the subject of all gossip in the school, starts having strange dreams, uncontrollable feelings from deep inside of her and starts to discover things she never knew were possible. With the help of an unlikely friend Layla will learn things about her world, herself and even her new city that she would never have dreamed of. She has a birthright. Her history is not what she thought. Her future is unclear and it’s all up to Layla to become her own bright light in a dark world.

This book was my first paranormal novel that I have read. It was AMAZING! I was hooked just pages in and finished both book one and two in just a few days. The characters are relatable and super fun!

Recommended age:

On to the ratings!

0 = None 10 = Tons

The book doesn’t have many strong emotional moments. But there are a few and you find yourself either loving Orrin or hating him. Or both. And you start to “ship” Orrin and Layla quickly!

There is not much violence in this book. A fight scene but it isn't gory at all.

Sexual content:
There is some kissing.

Crude language:
Mild language is used. But nothing serious.

Other elements:
This book deals with daemons. It deals with inner daemons and can be looked at from the perspective that we all have inner daemons that we, like Layla, have to master and control.

Overall this book was phenomenal! I loved the story and when I was finished with this book I had already purchased the second book and flew through that one too! Fans of The Darkest Minds, The Mortal Instruments and Branded will love this book!

- Sarah

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