Monday, March 2, 2015

Book Review: The Porter by Ashley Dotson

The Porter by Ashley Dotson

The Porter is the second book in the Finding Justus series. In The Beacon Layla Justus found out a lot of things about herself that she never thought possible. She fell in love with Orrin. She’s part demon and angel. She is the Beacon and Orrin is the Porter.

But now Layla and Orrin both face the consequences of their mistakes. When they =are both banished from the safe city of Providence, Layla is sent to live with her father’s old friend and colleague in Texas and she has no idea where Orrin was sent but only that he was given a second chance at life and that he wouldn't remember their time together. Layla may have thought her world was crazy before but after arriving in her new town her world is flipped upside down. Orrin is not who he was when he was with her in fact he really doesn’t even remember her at all. Layla must find a way to restore balance and Orrin’s memories but even that won’t guarantee that things will be the same as before. Now known as Heath, Orrin has another life that he has come to know. What will he choose if he gets his memories back? Layla lost him once, but could she give him up to save his life? And how far can her love for him stretch before it breaks?

I fell in love with The Porter just as fast as I fell in love with The Beacon. The story picks up right where The Beacon left off. The two books flow together seamlessly. The third and final installment of the Finding Justus series, The Lariat, will be released on Friday, April 24th this spring.

Recommended age:

On to the ratings!

0 = None 10 = Tons

This book made me feel all sorts of emotions, frustration, excitement, slightly crept out, I was shipping couples and wishing they would break up. I felt bad for Layla and then again wished she could move on and be her own person without a guy. So yeah it has some feels.

Ehh there was some fighting but nothing really gruesome or graphic to worry over.

Sexual content:
Some intense kissing and sexual tension.

Crude language:
Mild language was used but nothing serious.

Other elements:
This book deals with demons but unless you or your kid are prone to pretend to be demons its nothing to worry about. It’s all fiction! ;D

I am basically obsessed with this series. It is most certainly one of my favorites and I cannot wait for The Lariat in April!
- Sarah

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  1. Did you catch the inferred sex scene?

  2. Did you catch the inferred sex scene?

    1. I didn't read anything other than kissing in a cow pasture. There was nothing to imply more.