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Book Review: Heavy Hearts by Kylie Kaemke

Heavy Hearts by Kylie Kaemke

So like many of the books I review I stumbled upon this one over on Instagram. The author, Kylie, is super cool and actually bought a handmade Fourtris charm bracelet from me about a year or more ago! (if you don’t know what Fourtris is you need help…and to read Divergent.) Ever since then I had read about and wanted to read her book Heavy Hearts so I did!

Heavy Hearts revolves around Lucy Whitten, who finds herself caught in a love square (yes square not triangle!) with three doting men (Simon, Finn and Malcom) who all proclaim their love for her. The story jumps back and forth from past to present as each one of the guys are introduced, which was interesting but I wanted more present action personally. Things get VERY sticky for Lucy as the three guys meet one another and are all pining for her love in return. Ultimately Lucy has to make a choice as to which one of these men she will love and which two to break.  

Okay let’s get real…Lucy really doesn’t seem to have any self-respect. She quickly sleeps with each of the guys and seems to only think about sex while with then. She is an underage drinker and spends a lot of time making pretty iffy choices. Honestly she wouldn’t make the best role model. BUT with that being said, I COULD NOT put this book down. I have a bad habit of reading the last sentence of a book before diving in and totally ruined the “who will she choose?” question for myself and STILL wanted to read and read. Kylie’s style of writing is great and I can’t see why this is still an indie book and isn't published through a big name publisher.

Recommended age:
16+ for mature sexual content

On to the ratings!

0 = None 10 = Tons


There wasn’t really any direct violence. There are a couple of car crashes though one of in which Lucy describes seeing bones protruding from a body. Another time a vehicle catches on fire and traps a body inside. There is tension between the guys but no fights break out.

Sexual content:
There is A LOT of sexual content. The protagonist has sex with three guys on different occasions and some scenes may prove too graphic for kids under the ages of 13-16. Although it may seem realistic to some, others might see it as way too much there is a lot of heavy making out and talk about sex. If they have only read The Hunger Games and Narnia thus far this book isn't for your kid.

Crude language:
There is crude language used here and there throughout the book a few of each of “damn”, “hell” and the f-word but no religious profanities.

Other elements:
Like I said before, Lucy, however likeable, doesn’t respect her body as her own. I feel like she gives herself to guys way too easily and that could set a bad example for younger readers. There is some underage drinking as well.

Overall I liked the book. I couldn’t stop reading even after I ruined the ending. I loved the boys and especially Simon! If you and/or your child is a responsible adult who isn't going to follow the example of sleeping with every person who shows you the slightest bit of interest and are just looking for a fun read like I was then this book is actually really good and fits in with other contemporary YA or NA books!


- Sarah

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