Friday, April 24, 2015

Divergent Devotions: Faith in the Faction System

Hey guys!

Like the Divergent series? Love God?

Well you're in luck starting tomorrow (4/25/15) I'm going to be posting short Facton themed devotionals every Saturday on right here!!!

I've been praying and thinking about doing this for some time now and decided to go for it! In the Divergent book series the futuristic city of Chicago is split into five factions based on people's strongest traits, Dauntless the brave, Amity the kind and peaceful, Candor the honest, Abnegation the selfless and Erudite the intelligent...there are great lessons we can take from each faction and their values. 

In these short devotions I will be talking a bit about what those values look like in today's Christian life and I will give some bible verses to encourage these values!

Stay tuned tomorrow morning for a DAUNTLESS themed devotion!


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  1. I am interested to see your devotion regarding dauntless. Could you post the link of it, please? Thank you.