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Book Review: Slumber by Christy Slaot

Slumber by Christy Sloat

Not all princesses get their happily ever after...

They tell me I killed my boyfriend Phillip in cold blood. I stabbed him twenty one times. I’m only seventeen years old, and I am serving life in Spindle Ridge Asylum for the Criminally Insane.
I don’t remember killing him. In fact I don’t remember anything before I came to Spindle Ridge. I can only grasp onto my realistic dreams while the madness of the asylum threatens to pull me under. The dreams are the closest thing I have to memories of my life, except they aren’t real.
- From Goodreads.

Slumber is about a seventeen year-old asylum patient named Rory. She is serving time in this prison-like hellhole for brutally murdering her boyfriend. Only Rory can’t remember doing so. She can’t even remember the guy let alone him being her boyfriend. In fact she remembers nothing at all before the night she arrived at Spindle Ridge wearing a beautiful blue gown a year ago.

The people in charge of the asylum are cruel and mysterious. They feed her and the other patients slop as food. Rory has been having dreams since she arrived. She dreams that she is a princess being haunted by an evil faerie named Maleficent. Rory tells her dreams to her doctor who is reporting back to Malisa, the head of the asylum.

When Rory notices a new patient, Sawyer, and he tells her that he is there to rescue her things begin to change. Rory gets a new doctor who is kind and seems to care, unlike the other staff members, and this new doctor tells her that she is there to help her remember the truth. Rory begins to wonder about her life more and if her realistic dreams are actually dreams at all.

This book was so cool. Imagine Sucker Punch morphed with Maleficent and you pretty much have Slumber. Obviously this is a retelling of the classic Sleeping Beauty but the way Christy Sloat retells this fairytale is so phenomenal and so fun! I was really interested by how she intertwined the old familiar characters with a new story and her new characters were so ace. There were so many lovable characters, Sawyer, being my personal favorite and so many that you loved to hate!

Recommended age:

On to the ratings!

0 = None 10 = Tons

There were a few gasp-worthy moments that left you going “AWE NO!” and some moments where I was really into shipping a certain two lovebirds ;) ;) I am sure you'll find yourself shipping Sawrora too. (I just make that “ship name” up. feel free to use it.

There are some blood gushers, a few stabbings and dodging of flying knives. But I've seen way worse.

Sexual content:
There are a few kisses and a steamy makeout session.

Crude language:  
I honestly don’t remember a lot of crude language. There were a couple uses of “bitch” and maybe “hell”? I read the book over the span of a month so it’s hard to remember each one but the language was very mild.

Other elements/comments:

I went into this book expecting something closer to the typical Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent Disney story but was surprised and delighted by how different yet similar this was to the original. Over all I really enjoyed it! This book would be great for lovers of Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige, Disney classics fans or any fantasy lover!


- Sarah

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