Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

I must start off by saying that this review will sound like complete random ramblings, it scrambled my brain a bit. This book left me like… “Ugh!” And “huh?” And “Wait but no.” And “ummm.” And “okay, whatever.” And “She is her own grandma?” And “NOAH! BBY!”

In the first book Mara is foggy on all that happened in her accident and is plagued by nightmares, blackouts and an undead stalker. But after finding out what really happened the night the asylum collapsed and that she caused it she now knows that she can do things that most others can’t. But she isn't alone, her super-hot British boyfriend has an ability of his own. The killer and the healer. Cute right?

The hallucinations Mara had been having, of supposedly dead ex-boyfriend Jude, weren’t entirely made up by her mind, no one believes her when she says what she sees and her confessions land her in a messed up mental rehab place where she is followed by the mayhem. The creepiness of book one easily flows to book two as the totally undead ex-boyfriend keeps up the horrific shenanigans and towards the end it all goes from supernatural//paranormal to The Maze Runner’s WICKED//sci-fi. Like…I don’t even know.

All THAT being blabbed I did like and enjoy the book, the flashbacks to the grandmother annoyed me a bit. No one loves a crap ton of flashbacks. After reading a book like this and not having the next one it’s like….umm? Okay, what now? Lol!

Recommended age:

On to the ratings!

0 = None 10 = Tons

I do feel for Mara, she is highly misunderstood and feels alone, which I think most teens can relate to. I found myself frustrated with her peers, mother and even her brother as they just don’t get it and seem to not care or even consider that Mara may be telling the truth. Also Noah and Daniel are presh <3

There are some scenes where Jude causes mental and physical abuse to more than just Mara. Mara is kidnapped and forced to slit her wrists with a box cutter, another girl is found dead in her bed. Noah and Jude fight, Jude harms another girl at the rehab center.

Sexual content:
More very steamy scenes happen between Mara and Noah. Kissing and cuddling mainly.

Crude language:
There were profanities used throughout the book including “hell” “shit” the f-word and two religious profanities.

Other elements/comments:
Like the first book this one deals a lot with mental illness, although Mara isn't exactly “Crazy” she is on loads of drugs and is surrounded by mentally taxing people and occurrences. Also there are a lot of liars.

Overall it was a good read. I am interested in knowing what happens in book 3. But I'm still kinda annoyed by the sci-fi turn at the end.

- Sarah


  1. I enjoyed it a good bit, but I really need to read the last one. Also I'm stalking you.

    1. So do I! And thanks Jude, I'm flattered!