Sunday, November 8, 2015

Book Review: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas


Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
So! I was convinced by my awesome friend Neven to read Throne of Glass, it’s her favorite series and she insisted that I give it a go. Before reading this book I had heard SOOO many things about it and all were good! So many people love this series and I see why! The book has hints of all of the classic adventure stories like Narnia, Lord of the Rings and even Oz! It was colorful to say the least!

The story has a TON in it. A lot happens but I don’t know if I’d call it fast pace. So, to not give much away I’ll keep it fairly simple. The main theme is about Celaena Sardothien, an eighteen year-old assassin who is chosen to compete in a contest for the king’s amusement and to become his  champion, (Hunger Games much? Lol!) If Celaena wins this competition she will work for the gross, mean king for four years and then be free. Her criminal charges dropped and she will be free to go far from him and live out a peaceful life. Her freedom is priceless to her and to gain it she is willing to do anything for it! But in the time between she meets several people who she never expected to need to factor into her decision making, like the Captain of the Guard who is dreamy with his warm brown eyes and quietly protective nature, the dashing and flirty prince who is counting on her to win, and the mysterious princess of a neighboring land who she became fast friends with!

Will Celaena win the competition and gain her freedom? Or will she have to flee because of the unexpected and dark turn of events?

#TEAMCHAOL……just saying. 

Recommended age:

On to the ratings!

0 = None 10 = Tons

SO MANY SHIPPING FEELS. I want her with Chaol, no I want her with Dorian. I can’t choose but I totally ship ME with Chaol, *smirks* There were a few times where I just wanted jump in and give characters a hug. But I didn't cry or anything so I’ll give it a,

There are a few mentions of blood smeared, splattered or spraying from bodies. Bodies are mauled and shredded in a very gruesome way.

Sexual content:
There are a few kisses mentioned but nothing too in-depth.

Crude language:
Curse words are used throughout the book such as, “bitch” “damn” and  “hell”

Other elements/comments:
Magic, ghosts and cruel rulers are in the book but what’s a fantasy novel without those elements?

Over all I am glad I read it, not sure if I am willing to invest the money and time to read the other 5 books plus the novellas but it was a really good book! If you love fantasy this is for you!


- Sarah