Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Book Review: Marked by Kim Richardson


Marked by Kim Richardson

Marked is about a girl named Kara Nightingale who loves art and just wants to get to her presentation on time and land a scholarship. But what Kara doesn’t see coming is the bus that brings her sudden death and with death comes Horizon. Aka Heaven. Kara finds herself in a whimsical version of Heaven called Horizon where monkeys operate elevators and angels can be pretty hot. In Horizon Kara is pretty forced into getting a job as a GA, aka Guardian Angel. She is given her first assignment from her mega hot petty officer, David, to prevent a certain person from dying. But when they get there they aren’t the only ones. Demons are there too and they want the soul of Kara’s assignment. From here things go downhill. Kara gets more training and keeps going on missions but it seems that there are other, darker, forces following her and she ultimately has to face them.

The writing of this book seemed to me like this was the author's first book. Sometimes it seemed as if the author was just like, hmm what can I put next and just put a random scene in to fill space but in the end it all worked. I feel like Kara's character was developed well. I feel like plot is more important than character development, If a book has a poor plot then the charactersreally don't matter but I think the plot here was pretty good and thought out for the most part!

It’s all kind of hard to explain but I really enjoyed this book and it was FREE on Google Play Books! Yayyy!! More happened in this book than I expected to and I'm glad. I honestly had been planning a while back to write, someday, a story about an angel girl and this was strikingly similar to the plans I made before I even knew this book series existed! #Prophetess lol.   

Recommended age:

On to the ratings!

0 = None 10 = Tons

The feels I got were when Kara talked about her mother, I really felt bad for the woman even though we never meet her in the book. There are also hints of forbidden romance mixed in too.

There are several fight scenes but none that really stuck with me as too gory or scary.

Sexual content:
One kiss.

Crude language:
There were minor curse words used throughout such as “hell” or “ass”

Other elements/comments:
I didn't really like that the angels seemed so, jerkish and rude, smug even.

Over all I liked it enough to buy the second book lol.

- Sarah

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