Thursday, April 7, 2016

Writing // Reading // Reviewing Updates.

Reading and Reviewing Update.
As of late, I have not been doing a lot of reading. And there are several reasons for this monstrosity. First being that I have been really stressed out lately, adulting is hard. Especially when you don't have a job and live in an area where there aren't many job opportunities. I'm looking for a job currently and I haven't been very motivated to read. That doesn't at all mean that I will stop reading, listening to books and reviewing them. The no job thing leads me to my second reason, money prioritizing. No money = no new books. Lol. The third reason for this reading slump is that (in all honesty) my eyes are bad. #OldPeopleProbs I probably need to wear my glasses. Reading for more than a page or two really strains my eyes and causes severe migraines. Even when I do wear glasses. SO. LAME. Like what even? 

Due to the previous statements reviewing has slacked. And I don't like that at all! As soon as I read something interesting enough I'll review it! Promise! 

BUT with all of this said, I have a big TBR (To Be Read) list and I want to finish it up! High up on that list are Riders by Veronica Rossi and Passenger by Alex Bracken.

Writing Update!

My current writing project is the same as the last time I mentioned it Here! Currently it is just over 44,200 words, which by some standards bumps it up onto the fantastic category of Novels! Right now I am working on my third draft and I don't expect that it will be the last draft. I still plan on traditionally publishing if I can. I am on the fence about self-publishing. If you don't know or need a recap of what my book will be about keep reading for a very brief synopsis and character descriptions! 

Short Synopsis:

When Sariah Kent and her two best friends are caught vandalizing the Commander's home they are given the ultimatum, death row and a public hanging or exile to a foreign planet along with three other criminals.

Main Character Descriptions:

Sariah Kent: (Pronounced like Aria but with an S on the front!) Dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. Medium height. She is the type of girl who rolls with the punches. Some might say she is a leader type, others might say she is reckless. Crime: Vandalism...and a few other things..oops!

Taaria Kent: (Pronounced like Aria but with a T on the front!) Dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. She is a Keplar Project sibling. Little sister to Sariah. Her personality is spunky and ambitious. She loves her older sisters more than anything!

Nixon McCoy: Black hair which curls at the tips and Jensen Ackles green eyes! Mysterious personality. Observant. Crime: unknown. (of course I know what it is! lololol)

Luke Cramer: Tall, Brown hair and eyes. Snarky personality. Some would call him the class clown, others would say he is a pest. Crime: Contempt and Disorderly Conduct

This story is fictional, yes but is inspired a real place! Nasa's very own Kepler-186f! I have tried multiple times to get in touch with someone there about copyright information on using the planet's real name in my work but unfortunately never got a response from Nasa. Hence my planet's name change. This honestly breaks my heart not being able to use the actual planet name. I wanted a novel that was dystopian // sci-fi but actually plausible. A real, tangible planet that exists out there. I wanted a space boot that has a real setting other than Mars. But after a process of thinking and praying about it I have settled, reluctantly, on Keplar-518e. (Pronunciation: Kep-lar + Five Eighteen E)  Yeah, yeah I know it's really similar to the original name, and I wanted it that way so that it would still seem like a plausible, familiar planet! I have done A LOT of research on Kepler-186f and something I want my future readers to know is that there is a planet out there that could very well be EXACTLY like the one in my story, Keplar-518e! 

I don't know how long it will be before this is a physical or even digital book which will be out there because I don't right now, have any reliable creative//critique partners to work with and bounce ideas off of. I have had some really great help so far but its a busy time of year and I'm going at this pretty much alone. This round of editing is all about details, be it punctuation, plot related or conflicting points. I am hopeful that whenever I do get it finished that it will be out there in some format and you all will be able to read my work!

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

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