Sunday, August 7, 2016

Book Review: Nil by Lynne Matson

Nil by Lynne Matson

I met Lynne at a small book signing in Charleston, SC last year. She was super nice and I thought Nil seemed right up my alley. So, I got Nil, Lynne signed it and it’s been on my shelf unread for a year. #rude right? But recently Nil went on sale in the google playstore so I bought a second, digital, copy!
Nil, in my opinion is a perfect mix between Survivor, The Maze Runner and a little dash of Swiss Family Robinson. Nil is an island where teens get randomly transported to from all over the world through “gates” Gates are shimmering portals which travel along the Earth in patterns, dropping people and animals in Nil. Gates are also you're only ticket off of the island and catching one isn't easy. Nil makes life hard. She is host to lions, bear, boars, and all sorts of other dangerous entities. Oh, and once you land on Nil, you’d better start counting days because if you don’t catch an outbound gate back off of Nil within one year, you die.

Nil focuses around Charley and Thad. Two totally hot teens with promising futures who struggle with finding meaning in life and with why they are on Nil. Thad is the first person Charley meets on Nil, after waking up alone, naked and spending an awful twelve days on the mysterious island. She and Thad click right away and he knows a lot more about the island than she does. They quickly fall for one another and make a great team but Charley learns that Thad is running out of time and they have to figure out a way to beat Nil at her own game.

I freaking loved this book! I had been wanting to read another dystopian book and although there was no corrupt government involved, Nil did the trick for me. Lynne is such a talented writer. Her world building was great and her characters were very realistic!

Recommended age:

On to the ratings!

0 = None 10 = Tons

This book was full of feels. The happy and sad kind. Thad and Charley are the cutest couple. I found myself routing for them and hoping nothing would come between them. There were a couple of other couples on Nil as well who I wanted happy endings as well. There were several deaths which was sad, knowing they never made it home was disappointing and who am I kidding I love a good death in a book!

There as one moment that stuck out to me as violent, when an animal attacked one of the teens and it got petty bloody.

Sexual content:
Charley and Thad kiss a lot and talk about going further but the potential consequences held them back from taking the next step, they ultimately decide not to have sex until they can get back home, if they get back home.

Crude language:
Minor profanities were used throughout. There was one kid in particular who dropped at least five f-bombs and others replayed him with the same.

Other elements/comments:
The mention of bare breasts is made several times as a lot of the kids arrive to Nil totally nude.

Overall I really loved this book. I was so overdue for a book with good dystopian vibes and this totally settled that. There are two other books after this one which leaves a crap load of room for more Nil, Charley and Thad!

- Sarah