Thursday, April 6, 2017

Book Review: Apprentice by Rachel E. Carter


Apprentice by Rachel E. Carter

(Non-spoilery review)

“She survived a trial year at the Academy of Magic, but that was the easy part…

Now sixteen-year-old Ryiah is an apprentice of Combat, her school’s most notorious faction. When she finishes, she will be a war mage, but in order to do so, she has to survive four years traveling across Jerar, training with a master she hates, her old nemesis, Priscilla, and Prince Darren, her sometimes-rival sometimes… more?

Ry’s new apprenticeship is nothing like what she prepared for. War is on the horizon and her lessons aren’t just for practice anymore.

It’s time to fight.” –

Apprentice (book 2 of the Black Mage series) continues to follow Ryiah through her time at the academy, over a four year span, training to be a Black Mage. This book is absolutely phenomenal for a second book in a series! It was fast paced and the characters, except Prince Darren, were all very consistent, personality-wise, which I love. Ryiah is relatable and still determined to get what she wants. Rachel writes in a way which makes the reader feel like they are right there with Ryiah, Ella and the gang, at their school and fighting alongside them. I really loved the new characters and loved getting to see new sides of ones from book one! The mock battles were def one of my favorite parts. I am absolutely stoked for book 3, Candidate, and book 4, Last Stand…….omg that title though terrifies me.


Recommended age:

On to the ratings!

0 = None 10 = Tons

I have become invested in these characters. I felt for and with them as they went through a lot of struggles, shockers and happy times.

There is a lot of fighting and death. A few scenes are bloody and slightly gory.

Sexual content:
There are a few kisses.

Crude language:
Very little to none.

Other elements/comments:
One character in particular lies a lot. They're hot then cold and just not very nice in my opinion. I personally wouldn’t be so quick to forget that type of betrayal over and over and I think it is too easily looked over and goes unpunished because of the motives explained for this bad behavior. Also for Ryiah being written as such a strong, brave character, she is too quick to fall for whoever is showing her the most attention at the time.

Overall I think this book was great! There were times I was a bit taken back by choices made and I think some motives for certain actions were weak but as a whole book I enjoyed it. It was face paced and I never lost interest. I hope to get to book 3 soon!


- Sarah

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