Thursday, May 18, 2017

Book Review: Last Stand by Rachel E. Carter


Last Stand by Rachel E. Carter
For the past couple of months I've been reading and reviewing Rachel E. Carter’s The Black Mage series and I've got to thank her for sending all four books and the Non-Heir novella to me for free because this has become my favorite YA Fantasy series.

Last Stand, the last book of the Black Mage series, is about Ryiah and her fight against herself, the Crown, and almost everyone in the Kingdom of Jerar. War is impending and Ryiah has chosen her side but not everyone she loves is beside her.

From the moment the book starts, we find Ryiah marrying Darren, the prince of Jerar, but her life in the palace will be nothing like a fairytale. People closest to her have been killed as the rebels rise and Ryiah has a plan to save the kingdom but it involves betraying the most powerful mage in the kingdom, her husband. Ryiah battles her own mind to save the kingdom or throw the cause away and confess her betrayal. But when the truth comes out, she and Darren are on opposite sides and there is no choice but for one or both of them to go down. A sacrifice must be made, someone will die and Ryiah has always been the one who was too reckless.

Heartbreaking, beautiful, gut-wrenching, romantic, adventurous and horrifying are words I’d say fit this book. Last Stand was a beautiful conclusion to a fantastic series! Rachel E. Carter is so talented and I can’t wait to read more of her work in the future!

Recommended age:

On to the ratings!

0 = None 10 = Tons

Last Stand made me cry at least twice. So much pain and heartache litters this story and I felt it all with the characters. Each character was believable and I think that made it even easier to slip into the emotions they were feeling.

There is a lot of fighting, gore, and torture.

Sexual content:
Ryiah and Darren are now married in this book. They sleep together, but nothing is too detailed once they finally have sex.

Crude language:

Other elements/comments:
This book deals with depression a lot and I think it does a good job at conveying it without going into too much triggering detail. Lying is a theme throughout Last Stand.

Overall this was probably the most emotional instalment of the series. The characters go through absolute Hell and its heartbreaking but it made for a beautiful story! The Black Mage series will forever be one of my favorites now.  I loved how realistic the characters are and how Rachel made me feel like I was a part of the story too.

- Sarah